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“We used to discuss the ridiculous superstitions about God and Religion; the absurd prejudices of patriotism and decency; the grotesque encumbrances called parents.”
(Gwen Raverat in Virginia Woolf and the Raverats)

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Virginia Woolf and the Raverats Virginia Woolf
& the Raverats

a different sort of friendship

edited by William Pryor, grandson of the Raverats
from Jacques Raverat to
Virginia Woolf
September 1924
My dear Virginia,
One of the things I find most difficult about writing is that it has to be, essentially, linear. I mean you can only write (or read) one thing at a time; & even memory doesn't alter this fact. Now that's not at all the way my mind works. When you write a word like NeoPaganism for instance, it's as if you threw a pebble into a pond. There are splashes in the outer air in every direction, & under the surface waves that follow one another into dark & forgotten corners of my past. You are not only a writer, but a printer & you'll see how difficult it would be to represent this odd phenomenon. One could perhaps, in the middle of a large sheet of paper, write the word NeoPaganism & then radially bits of sentences like this:....

Very moving, a compelling read.
Henrietta Garnett,
great niece of Virginia Woolf

a Limited Edition
of five hundred only

to be published November 3rd, 2003,

signed by the Editor,

with a hand made print of a
Gwen Raverat wood engraving

this 212 page, hand-made book
uses Woolf and the Raverats'
letters, diary entries and other writings,
photographs, paintings & wood-engravings
(many never before published)

to chart the vapour trail
of a different sort of friendship.

the price on publication
on November 3rd, 2003 is £200 ($320)

for orders received before that date
the prepublication price is £160 ($260)

from Virginia Woolf to
Jacques Raverat
December 10th 1922
My dear Jacques,
It was very nice to get your letter - to which Gwen's handwriting adds an unmistakable smack of that lost but unforgotten woman. I'm glad you liked Jacob better than the other novels; one always wishes the last to be best. I'm not blind, though, to its imperfections - indeed it's more an experiment than an achievement. Is your art as chaotic as ours? I feel that for us writers the only chance now is to go out into the desert & peer about, like devoted scapegoats, for some sign of a path. I expect you got through your discoveries sometime earlier. All this, however, we will chatter about endlessly when we meet...

To jacques (and to no one else at this time) she explained the layers of her personality.
Hermione Lee
in her biography of Virginia Woolf
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