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“Addiction is the postponement of living through condensed suffering in the illusion of the self. Perversely, we get addicted because we find life painful - we need to postpone it. ”
(William Pryor in The Survival of the Coolest)

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Virginia Woolf & the Raverats
a different sort of friendship
from Gwen Raverat to Virginia Woolf 8th March 1925
Dear Virginia,
Jacques died last night. This letter [one dictated by Jacques] was all written by bits till he was too weak to write any more. He told me to send it with his love. I think your letters were one of the greatest pleasures of these last weeks, perhaps the greatest. I do thank you for them and Mrs Dalloway. I shan't try to tell you what I think of her it's much the same as what Jacques thinks; in fact I really believe several of his remarks were cribbed from me.
It's impossible to me to write decently about all this last time. I wish you would write to me. I do thank you again dearest Virginia, Gwen
from Virginia Woolf to Gwen Raverat 11th March [1925]
Dearest Gwen,
Your & Jacques' letter came yesterday, & I go aboutthinking of you both, in starts, & almost constantly underneath everything, & I don't know what to say. One thing that comes over & over is the strange wish I have to go on telling Jacques things. This is for Jacques, I say to myself; I want to write to him about happiness, & about Rupert, & love. It had become to me a sort of private life, & I believe I told him more than anyone, except Leonard: I become mystical as I grow older & feel an alliance with you & Jacques which is eternal, not interrupted, or hurt by never meeting. Then, ofcourse, I have now for you - how can I put it? - I mean the feelingthat one must reverence? - is that the word - feel shy of, so tremendousan experience; for I cannot conceive what you have suffered. It seems to me that if we met, one would have to chatter about every sort of little trifle, because there is nothing to be said...
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